Cracking the NYC Code: PSL Cashew’s Triumph in the Demanding New York Market

Germany- PSL Cashew is on the brink of signing a groundbreaking deal with a prominent New York-based distributor on the back of ANUGA 2023, which was held from October 7th to 11th in Cologne, Germany.

On the heels of its showcase at ANUGA 2023, PSL Cashew, known for its premium quality and full traceability, is on the brink of securing a groundbreaking deal with a prominent New York distributor. This achievement not only represents a significant milestone for PSL Cashew but also serves as the inspiration for the entire Vietnamese cashew industry, showcasing the industry’s extraordinary potential on the global stage.

PSL Cashew’s CEO John Azar and the Ambassador of UAE  with businesses’ representatives at Anuga trade fair. Photo courtesy of PSL Cashew

ANUGA 2023: The Launchpad

The stage of ANUGA 2023, an event that unites the global culinary world, proved to be the launchpad for PSL Cashew’s journey to a partnership. The international spotlight on their premium cashew products at ANUGA 2023 set the stage for the attention they garnered and ultimately for the pursuit of the New York market.

Conquering the New York Challenge

Vietnam has long been a global leader in cashew production as the world’s largest exporter of cashew kernels, with an export value of 3.08 billion USD in 2022, accounting for 80% of the global production but the journey into the demanding New York market and apppearing on storeshleves has been a challenging one. The New York market is renowned for its discerning consumers and fierce competition, often posing a formidable challenge to newcomers.

PSL Cashew is on the verge of breaking new ground by expanding into the competitive American market, specifically the New York metropolitan area with snacking products, which is a testament to their commitment to delivering premium quality. Their meticulous selection of the finest cashews from regions across Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia places them at the forefront of the Vietnamese cashew industry. PSL Cashew tracks cashews from the farm to the plate by growing an 1,800-hectare cashew farm in Cambodia and operating two factories in Binh Phuoc. Furthermore, PSL Cashew has storage facilities with nearly 70,000 tons of goods spread across three African countries: Tanzania, Nigeria and Ivory Coast and directly sources raw cashews from farmers and all these attributes are what sparked the interest of this distributor.

“The New York market is a very sustainability focused market and is a market that appreciates finer things, that’s why we choose to partner with PSL Cashew because they’re one of the very few that can offer this combination of elements to the picky New York consumer who’s spoiled for choice” said a director involved in this deal.

This move would represent the first major breakthrough for a Vietnamese cashew company in a market known for its discerning tastes and high standards.

Full Traceability: Setting New Standards

PSL Cashew’s commitment to full traceability is a hallmark of their success. Few in the industry can boast such transparency, which extends from the farms in Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia to the store shelves. This commitment aligns with the ethical and sustainable standards demanded by the New York market, raising the bar for the entire industry.

PSL Cashew products at the international trade fair Anuga 2023. Photo courtesy of PSL Cashew

An Industry Milestone

PSL Cashew’s achievement in the challenging New York market is not just a personal triumph but a milestone for the Vietnamese cashew industry. It showcases the potential of Vietnamese cashews to compete globally and sets an example of excellence in quality and ethical sourcing. This achievement serves as an inspiration for other companies in the industry, encouraging them to pursue the same standards of quality and sustainability.

PSL Cashew in negotiation with distributors at the ANUGA 2023 Fair. Photo courtesy of PSL Cashew

In conclusion, PSL Cashew‘s remarkable success in the New York market is not just a win but a pivotal moment for the Vietnamese cashew industry. Building on the foundation laid at ANUGA 2023, PSL Cashew’s achievements signal the industry’s extraordinary potential on the global stage. It ushers in a new era for Vietnamese cashews, one that is marked by premium quality, ethical sourcing, and the pursuit of excellence. PSL Cashew’s achievement in the demanding New York market sets the tone for the cashew industry, inspiring Vietnamese businesses to aim higher and reach new standards of quality and sustainability on the global market.

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